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Mon.-Thur. 9am - 8pm
Fri. & Sat. 9am -4pm
(Sat. Summer Hours 9am - 2pm)

(937) 599-4189
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Overdue, Lost or Damaged Items
You are responsible for all materials charged on your card, including fines and fees incurred for overdue, lost or damaged items.
The overdue fine for most items is $ .10 per day per item.  The fine for movies & games is $1.00 per day per item.  Anyone owing more than $3.00 in fines or having more than 5 items overdue will not be able to check out more materials.
Overdue notices will be sent as follows:
1st overdue at 7 days
2nd overdue at 14 days
final bill at 6 weeks

Replacement costs:
Video box $1.00
Velcro bag $5.00
Audiobook box $2.00
CD case $1.00
CDVD case $1.00

Patrons 60 years or older are not required to pay overdue fines.
The Library is not responsible for damage on patron's equipment when borrowing public service materials.

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