Knowlton Library Hours

Mon.-Thur. 9am - 8pm
Fri. & Sat. 9am -4pm
(Sat. Summer Hours 9am - 2pm)

(937) 599-4189
Branch Hours

Library Events


Standard time allowed to set up/tear down is 1/2 hour before and 1/2 hour after your event. If you need more time please state above.

Donations and Fees:

  • A $75.00 fee will be charged for profit organizations, companies and/or individuals.
  • There will be no charge for non-profit 501c3 organizations.
  • The Library will accept monetary donations for the use of the AcuSport Community Room for private individuals using the room for personal parties who do not fall under the IRS Code 501c3.

I have read the policy and agree to abide by the AcuSport Community Room rules and regulations as shown on the previous webpage. The undersigned assumes all and exclusive responsibility for the preservation of order and the sole and exclusive liability of any injury of persons, and damage to, or loss of property that may result from this use; and for the due observance of all regulations of the Board of Trustees of the Logan County Libraries and acknowledges receipt of the rules and regulations regarding the use of the AcuSport Community Room.

For Library Use Only

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